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Sizing & Care



Our rings are fabricated using standard US ring sizing. Please look up conversation charts if you use other size systems to find out what your US size is. To find out your size there are different options. The most reliable one is to visit your local jeweler and get measured. Once there it is a good idea to get all ten fingers sized and save your sizes somewhere. If you don't have a jeweler around maybe there are shops which sell a lot of jewellery and they have measure equipment.

Please note that it is the client's responsibility to know their ring size upon placing an order. We do not offer resizing.



Chain lengths are stated in centimetre (cm) and inch (") in the description of the individual product. To get an idea see product pictures. As all bodies are unique the piece might sit differently than what you see in the product picture.


Jewellery Care

Your Jewellery is carefully handmade with love and should be handled as such to avoid damage and discolouring.

Take off your pieces when sleeping, washing, showering, swimming, spa-ing etc. In general do not expose to any liquid except when cleaning. Do not bring in contact with any soap, detergents or chemicals (oils, lotions, perfume,...). 

To avoid tarnishing wear often or keep in an airtight bag. If you want to remove tarnishing and make it shiiiny again use a silver cleaning cloth.

We use natural cut stones. Some of them are categorized soft and porous which means they need to be treated with extra care as they can discolour or break easily when exposed to unwanted environments. This also includes heat in any form. Hot water, sun, sauna. Do not tan in your gemstones!

Please remove your jewellery before heavy activities to avoid chipping, cracking, scratchin, etc.

Once the pieces leave our hands we are not responsible for any damage. Please look after your jewellery. It is made to last yet delicate. If you wear yours daily it might need repairs at some point, which is the clients responsibility.

If you want to clean your KathrinJona Jewellery please use clean water and a bit of mild soap. A soft toothbrush can be used to get in between small bits like prong settings.