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>>>In the works...

KathrinJona was created by Kathrin, the face behind. She travelled to Indonesia, got stuck in Bali, where she learned the craft of silversmithing by the best teachers one could ask for. Traditional techniques and profound ways of approaching set the main structures.

At that very first class when she made her first ring ever it was crystal clear. That's it! Forgotten time and space, completely concentrated and focused on that one single ring for the whole day. Amazed by the transformation from a "simple plain" sheet of metal to a shiny detailed piece of art. After that day life took a different turn and opened worlds she manifested for so long and eventually came into this dimensions reality.

Kathrin is still travelling the world and touch bases as often as she can, which means setting up a work bench and starts creating. Influenced by the diversity of culture, people and most of all nature she forges one of a kind pieces which reflect her current state of soul and the connection to her encounters.

Besides her passion for metal smithing she aims and strikes for sustainable solutions and strongly supports ethical trading & production. Being transparent about metals and gemstone sourcing is priority. This also applies to animal welfare. This is a vegan business. We choose animal free products only.

We believe that the energy and intention you put into something no matter if it is what you eat, put onto your body & soul, basically what you surround yourself with reflects & radiates right back. The process from planning to shipping your piece is ja path of intention setting, tuning in and charging it with support and love.



Currently only silver is used in our designs. We obtain eco recycled silver and reuse our scrap metals in house. In addition we reuse/ reclaim heirloom pieces and vintage finds.

Details on what was used in an individual piece will be stated in the respective description.


We do our best to source traceable, conflict free, natural gemstones only. Which means fair traded, fair produced, ethical work standards and pay. If we have the opportunity we try to use stones from local hand diggers. That is the most direct way possible. For example we used Australian Quartz and Aquamarine for the latest collections which are hand dug by Rob Horner in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Details on what was used in an individual piece will be stated in the respective description.

Shipping supplies

Our shipping materials, carton & filling, are from A German company specialized in recycled materials and new sustainable solutions (e.g. such as gras paper). The jewellery etuis which hold your piece are from They use FSC® cardboard.

Fabric inlays are recycled and cut by us.

Some larger pieces might come in palm leave baskets which are from the bali based social enterprise which provides fair employment (pay, health care) to Balinese women in Muntigunung.

We reuse as much we can, so it is possible that you find different supplies than used in your last order.


KathrinJona is a growing and developing business. With dedication we select finest supplies. We are on our journey to improve sustainability and ethical aspects by each decision we make, striving for a completely traceable supply chain.