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KathrinJona is the brainchild of Kathrin, a globetrotter who found herself stranded in Bali, Indonesia. It was there that she honed her silversmithing skills under the tutelage of the finest teachers in the craft. Drawing inspiration from traditional techniques and profound approaches, Kathrin set the foundations for her unique creations.

Her passion for silversmithing was ignited during her very first class, where she made her very first ring. The experience left her in complete awe as she witnessed the transformation of a "simple plain" sheet of metal into a breathtaking work of art. From that moment on, Kathrin's life took on a new direction, opening doors to opportunities she had always dreamed of.

Kathrin continues to travel the world, setting up her workbench wherever she goes to create bespoke pieces influenced by the diversity of culture, people, and nature. Each one-of-a-kind piece is a reflection of her current state of soul and her connection to the world around her.


At KathrinJona we use silver and gold in our designs. We obtain eco-recycled silver and reuses scrap metals in-house to create designs. We also repurpose heirloom pieces and vintage finds. Every piece is unique and crafted with care, and details of the materials used are mentioned in the respective description.


The brand is committed to sourcing only natural, traceable, and conflict-free gemstones. We prioritize fair-trade and ethical work standards and pay for their suppliers. KathrinJona tries to source stones from local hand-diggers, like Australian Quartz and Aquamarine from Far North Queensland, Australia.

Shipping supplies

KathrinJona is mindful of the environment and uses shipping materials from a German company called Biobiene, which specializes in recycled materials and innovative sustainable solutions like grass paper. The jewelry etuis used are from, using FSC® cardboard, and fabric inlays are recycled and cut by KathrinJona themselves. Larger pieces may be shipped in palm leaf baskets sourced from the Bali-based social enterprise, which empowers Balinese women by providing fair employment, pay, and healthcare.

KathrinJona's process, from planning to shipping, is a path of intention-setting, tuning in, and charging each piece with support and love. They believe that the energy and intention you put into something reflects and radiates back. The brand strives to be transparent in their metals and gemstone sourcing and are always looking for ways to improve their sustainability efforts.

At KathrinJona, we strive for sustainability, ethical practices, and creating beautiful and unique pieces that reflect the connection between soul and nature. Browse our collection and experience the energy and intention behind each piece.


KathrinJona is a growing and developing business. With dedication we select finest supplies. We are on our journey to improve sustainability and ethical aspects by each decision we make, striving for a completely traceable supply chain.