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Collection: Back to Source

The idea for this collection came to life in the Far North of Queensland, Australia. Lock down situation and faced with yourself once again. It meant coming back to the self, getting back in those nourishing self love rituals which you know are crucial yet might often get blurred out if we get into new surroundings or routines.

Surrounded by this incredible nature and land. Rains are almost finished, feeling the dryness coming & still bathing in the creeks which give the peace everyone craves for so badly. Just sitting by the water and being grateful for this exciting life filled by emotions which can evoke storms of indestructible passion accompanied by complete stillness.

Australian Quartz sourced by Rob Horner around the Tablelands. Once i started working with them I could feel their power and it pulled back to such a gentle fundamental feeling of rest and being.

This all made sense. Struggle of arriving and belonging vanished.

Connection was restored.



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  • Twin Point Quartz Statement Necklace
    A Kathrin Jona Twin Point Quartz Statement Necklace with clear quartz stone hanging from a chain.
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